Proper Care for Your Invisalign Braces



So now that you are your way to the nicest smile with your amazing Invisalign braces that gives you a comfortable and not awkward teeth alignment process, all you need now is to at least know how to properly take care of your Invisalign braces. You need to take note of the following Dos and Don’ts that would really help you maintain the quality, cleanliness, and functionality of your Invisalign.




Proper rinsing of your Invisalign braces will do really well when it comes to your oral hygiene as well as to the lifespan of its materials. Saliva and some food particles may stick in it and will cause Invisalign to promote inhibiting bacteria and other factors for damage and smell.


You must always make sure that you properly soak your invisalign with the proper liquid cleanser prescribed by your orthodontist. This will prevent the trays to have contamination with any other foreign bacteria and dirt.


Proper hygiene of your invisalign also starts with your proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth, flossing and at the same time, using mouthwash will help you minimize chances of your braces to cover up and stick the dirt from your teeth to its plastic materials.


If you have no solution, you may actually wash your aligners safe and thoroughly with the use of antibacterial liquid soap and running water. If you really want to brush it, you must make sure that you are using the softest bristles possible. This will avoid scratches and other damages you can cause from brushing them. The safest way possible for you to do is to have the invisalign washed with running water that will wash out all the bacteria and food particles left.




You may, but as much as possible you must avoid eating and drinking sugary food that will promote discoloration and smell to your aligners. You must not eat any spice food when you are wearing your invisible braces.


Never ever use toothpaste when it comes to cleaning your invisalign most especially those toothpastes that are whitening, that will probably develop damage to your braces due to its strong abrasive content. Small holes may trap the food particles and will serve as space for the bacteria to dwell and that is something that could contribute to a foul odor your inivsalign will emit. S


Given that your invisalign is made with transparent materials, you must never use something to clean it with colors and tints most especially your antibacterial soap though it is such a good cleaner to prevent bacteria build up to your braces, there will be tendencies that it will change or develop a hue to it makes it no longer an invisible braces.


Last but the most important tip for you to take good care of your invisalign is to never leave it anywhere exposed. When you want it to be clean the moment you return it to your mouth, you must make sure that you have properly sealed it with an airtight container.