What is the Role of Property Managers?


People barely know the existence of property managers Auckland, all the more they do not know the exact responsibilities that this profession is capable of. Not all places have property managers or property management services for that matter because it is not common for it to be regulated. Regulating it would create conflict with already existing laws, which is why in New Zealand, no laws are going to be passed and established for property management services, since it will be redundant to do so, given that there are already laws that protect the consumers.

Property managers in Auckland is actually a hired third party that is responsible for handling daily operations with the real estate investments. They have the ability to manage different property types, whether this is single property homes to huge apartment complexes. And as expected, most of those that handle this kind of responsibility bears the real estate agent license. They are the ones that possess a lot of knowledge regarding properties and investments, despite the fact that property management is not regulated in New Zealand.

The responsibilities of the property managers Auckland vary depending on their salary and the terms specified in their management contract, but more or less it includes the following:


Property managers are expected for the setting of the initial rent level, adjusting it, and even collecting rent from the tenants.

Setting rent. The property manager has the skill in how to set up the right rent level in order to attract the right tenants for your property. They also possess the understanding of the current market where the property is situated and have it looked at any other properties within the area.

Collecting rent. They are also responsible for being the enforcer. They make sure that the cash flow is at the optimal level, and they do this by setting up a date that they will collect rent every month. They also set strict late fees.

Adjusting rent. They also have the power to increase rent at a fixed rate every year, which depends on the municipal law or individual state. They can also decide to decrease the rent whenever they see it necessary.


One of the property manager’s main responsibilities is managing the tenants. They have involved almost everything, in this case, starting from searching for tenants and handling their complaints to starting up evictions.

Finding tenants. Property managers market the property in order to fill up the vacancies. They know where it is best to advertise and even what to include in the ads. They also understand what it attracts the tenants, so they will suggest any cosmetic improvements with your property to make it attractive to them.

Screening tenants. They are also responsible for sorting out through the applications of potential tenants and find one that is best suited to rent your property. They practice consistent screening process, which also includes running through credit checks and even criminal background if there are any. The latter decreases the chances of you getting accused of discrimination.